Ender 3 Pro Assembly Guide - Set Up Your Ender 3 Pro

When you scroll down, I'm going to embed a video by CHEP on the Ender 3 for the assembly. The main upgrades on the Ender 3 Pro are a better power supply, upgraded motherboard and upgraded build surface - none of which make a difference in the installation =).  When you get to the points of installing springs or the extruder, use the ones you purchased instead. 

You can also see photos in a step by step tutorial here.

CR Touch

If you purchased the CR-touch, then rather than using a Z-Limit Switch you will instead want to open up the motherboard case and plug the CR Touch into the dedicated CR touch slot.  You will also want to unplug the Z-Limit switch from the motherboard at the same time.

This is easier to do when you are first assembling the printer as you have less to disassemble, but it is easy enough to install later as well. 

Full Assembly Video 

Here is a great full assembly video

Note that IF you have a CR Touch, then when you get to the 4 minute mark you don't want to plug in and attach the Z-stop.

The PEI Sheet simply replaces the magnetic build surface, no assembly required.

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