Board Games Are More Fun When They Look ... Shiny

I've been playing board games for over ten years, and have worked in photography and design for over fifteen years.

This last year, I became interested in 3D printing and it was a great way to blend both my interests. I designed and printed some board game upgrades for myself and friends, and after some nudging - decided to offer them online to you =)

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Custom Designs and Requests

Take a look at our products and see if you like something. If you would prefer a different color, or bigger/smaller, or a totally custom commission - email me at and I would be glad to work with you.

Or perhaps you have a board game in mind you'd love to see an upgrade for - let me know your thoughts and maybe we can create something!

Please note we do not accept work that is questionable in nature - anything political, pornographic or that may cause us any kind of legal troubles

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