Frequently Asked Questions about Products and 3D Printing In General

How strong or fragile are the board game upgrades and other products?

They're as strong as any plastic piece your board game would come with. You can feel free to toss them around the table, put them in cups and bags and toss them in the box, and generally treat them like toys.  You should care for them like you would any other board game pieces - don't do anything unusual like step on them, or slam them hard on the table, etc

What are your products made of?

Everything is 3D printed using a material know as Polylactic Acid (PLA). It is a type of 3D printer filament.

Can you explain what you mean that colors may not match exactly to the pictures shown?

Sure. PLA (the material we create the items with) comes to us packages up as long thin reels, rolled up around a spool. Our 3D printer converts a small amount of each spool of filament into the products you see in our store.

The material we get can have small color variation from spool to spool.  You should never see it within your order itself, since we'll always try to create your entire order using a single spool. However, it is possible to have minor variation in shade of color, how shiny or matte the final product is, or how light or dark the color is.  

Can you print and/or design something for me?

In short, yes.  Let me give you a couple specifics

If you have a file of the model, and let me know the size you want, and how strong you want it (e.g., is this decorative, or meant to be functional) I can generate a quote very quickly.  I only print decorative items such as our board game upgrades - we do not create functional items, due to the fact that we wouldn't be able to test and guarantee they won't fail

If you want something designed, I can help with that. Please understand that a custom design will start in the range of $300-$1000