Ender 3 Pro Longer Term Printer Upgrades

These are longer term upgrades, some more involved than others - and none are necessary for when you are first starting printing

Upgraded Motherboard

Motherboard upgrades: 4.2.7 Silent Motherboard - Your Ender 3 Pro contains a 4.2.2 motherboard (you can open up the bottom and read the numbers to check).  If you're unlucky, you may have an even older board.

Assuming you have the 4.2.2 though, the noises you hear when your printer moves on the various axes is coming from the board and the drivers. 

There are two reasons to upgade to the 4.2.7 motherboard: first, your printer will be quieter and pleasant to be around. Second, it's not just noise: the upgraded drivers will actually improve the quality of your print from the higher quality drivers.  Another popular motherboard in the community is BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3. However it is less common than the Creality motherboards, and the challenge then is if you have trouble with the firmware, you will have a smaller community to reach out to


New/Replacement Nozzles - You may want nozzles for a few reasons. You may simply wear out your nozzle and need to replace it. You may want to print smaller or more detailed prints (smaller nozzle), or print less detailed prints faster (larger nozzle).  Or perhaps you intend to use more abrasive filament and you want to upgrade to harder nozzles.  You don't need new nozzles right away - follow my suggestion to print plain old PLA for a little while, don't ram your nozzle into the bed, and your stock nozzle will work fine while you learn about 3D printing. Then you'll be able to decide later what kind of replacement nozzles you want - I would suggest a kit such as the one I've linked to, which has a variety of nozzle sizes as well as some steel nozzles. It's inexpensive and will allow you to try different nozzles out.

LCD Touch Screen

Upgraded Knob or Touch LCD Screen -  Your printer comes with a workable  LCD screen. It is usable and you don't have to upgrade it right away.  

The larger color screen, displays more information while printing, and with the ability to show more on the screen and just touch icons makes navigating the menus faster as well. 

Personally, I installed Octoprint on Raspbery Pi, and with that I haven't felt the need to also upgrade the LCD screen.  I also have not personally built any firmware specific for this as a result, but from what I have read online, JyersUI is the firmware of choice for folks who upgrade to this screen.

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Even More Upgrades...Eventually!

This page is a work in progress. There are even more upgrade you can do to your printer, some listed below - and some incompatible with others.

  • Dual Gear Extruder
  • Direct Drive Extruder
  • Linear Rails
  • A/C Heated Bed
  • LED Lighting
  • Dual Z
  • Full Metal Hot-End
  • Ender Extender