Troubleshooting Firmware Installation Issues

If you haven't already, please take a look at the webpage on installing Ender 3 firmware vai SD card.  It has all the firmware we have built and the different configurations, as well as general instructions on installing the firmware.  Here are  some common issues you may need help with:

I don't see the firmware for my Motherboard / CPU / Hardware Set Up

  • I initially started this page just to share literally the firmware I was using. However in time I have modified and built firmware for a few other people, and then shared it here for everyone. If you have a specific model/chip/etc please feel free to message it to me and I will take a note of it.  However the truth is I don't know how soon I will get to it.  Even if I do end up building it, I will need your help testing it - I won't have your board / CPU / etc physically to try it out on. So while I am doing my best to help the community, I'm still just a hobbyist trying to help.

I installed the firmware, but when I start up the printer, I just get a blue screen

  • If you get a blue screen when you try to start your printer after installing the firmware, odds are either the firmware is wrong, or did not install.  I would suggest wiping the SD card completely, copying the firmware to it, and then renaming it to something short like "firmware123.bin."  
  • If that still doesn't work, the firmware may be incompatible with your board. In that case, try to reload the stock firmware. If that does work, you may need to take a closer look at your board - perhaps your board is new hardware with different CPU or stepper drivers. In which case, I would need to try to build new firmware
  • Finally, there is always the possibility there is some kind of hardware issue. One very common issue is the SD cards that come with the printer are low quality and fail. The SD card *reader* that plugs into your computer is also low quality, and there are reports of it literally overheating and melting.  So, I would suggest replace those two parts (get a new SD Card reader/plug it into your computer directly, and get a new SD Card as well). You can see my recommendations for SD Card and SD Card Readers here:  Recommended Immediate Ender 3 Pro Upgrades. Scroll down to the image of the SD Cards to read more about it.

I installed the firmware but my CR Touch is behaving weird. It isn't probing, or the Z axis keeps going up, or when I use move axis nothing happens.

Try removing the CR Touch, and then installing stock firmware. If that works, then one the firmware download page, find the *non CR Touch* firmware that matches your set up now, and see if that works. If it doesn't work, it means the firmware is not compatible - it could be CPU, Stepper Drivers, etc.

If it does work, then plug in the CR touch again, and install the CR touch firmware (e.g., if you installed 4.2.2 no CR Touch, now install 4.2.2 with CR Touch).  If that still doesn't work, something is wrong with the CR touch set up.  Here are a few common reasons:

  • Cables are loose.  Most common, try to check it's really plugged in snug.  Don't over press/break it, but ensure it's connected well
  • It could be the wires are not aligned properly. Less common, but QA issues can happen. If you did not buy a 32 bit CR touch kit, there is a high possibility of this as well. I only recommend the 32 bit cr touch kit that comes with the 5 pin adapter. It is still possible for a mistake to be made, but much less likely
  • It could be the CR touch itself is defective. One common issue I've read about is some kind of issue of verticality, and another is about magnetization of the probe. I do not have enough knowledge to help troubleshoot this yet as my CR touch works fine =)
  • It could be the port is bad, or the motherboard has some kind of issue. I don't have a good way to troubleshoot this

I didn't find my specific configuration on your firmware page - I have a different screen, or some other hardware, or a different bed size or height. I need help!

One of the best parts of being part of this hobby is there are many folks who are willing to help. I am one of them - but I can no longer reply to everyone 1:1 messaging me on this site. The good news is, this firmware and Ender 3/Pro are super popular - you can easily get help in the communities online =)

I have a collection of places to learn and connect with people here.