Where to Get Help Troubleshooting 3D Printing and Firmware Issues

I have learned a lot through videos and reading other guides. Here are a few I recommend:

Learning Generally About 3D Printing

Communities to Ask for Help

I am fairly active in the Facebook groups, as are a lot of folks who use the Shiny Upgrades firmware.  It's not at all uncommon to get your questions answered in < 10 minutes if you do a good job explaining the background, and including pictures.  Sometimes folks will link you to a page on this site.

Last Thoughts

I wish you luck in working on your printer, updating firmware and getting in dialed in.  I've done my best to write about my experience and how to set up the printer - as well as provide my version of the built Marlin firmware as a way to give back and help.  However I cannot message you back and help you individually set up your printer and firmware.

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