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  • Azul Custom Tile Tray With Azul Board Game Box In Background
  • Azul Custom Tile Tray With Azul Board Game Box In Background, Closer To Show Detail
  • Azul Custom Tile Tray Overhead view to show detail
  • Azul Tapered Tile Tray Shown inside Azul Insert Easy Fit
  • Azul Tile Tray With Tiles Inside Showing Scale
  • Azul Tile Tray Pouring Tiles Back In Bag
  • Azul Tile Tray Close Up Showing Design Details
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Shiny Upgrades

Azul Tile Tray

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We love playing Azul - 2 players is cutthroat, 4 players is more random and still lots of fun

One thing we tired of though was the rule that used tiles go back in the box, and once the bag is emptied, to refill the bag from the box.

We started looking for a tile holder, but we couldn't find one we liked- especially since the game has such great table presence. We wanted something that looked great and complimented the style of the game.

So, we got to designing our own after also realizing that the specific size we wanted didn't exist. We wanted something that:

  • Looked awesome
  • Was small enough to fit in the insert
  • Had a nice feel in your hand to make it easy to pick up
  • Had a ramp that allowed easy pouring into the bag - not so large that it wouldn't fit the tile bag, but not so small that the tiles would end up jammed inside
  • Was large enough to hold all the leftover tiles

With that, we made piles of tiles, measured them, measured the box...and finally came up with this design.

Perfectly sized to fit the discarded tiles, and easily pour into the pouch.  Designed to fit comfortably in the existing Azul insert.

The perfect useful upgrade for anyone who loves Azul


If you would like it in a custom color, please let me know and I'll do my best.  If you would like a different design or text on the bottom, depending on complexity we can try to accommodate it as well.

Made To Order

Please note: All our Shiny Upgrades (see what we did there?) are manufactured (3D printed) for you when you order. That means that we don't have anything "in stock" and we work on orders in the order they are received. If you have a very time sensitive order, please email us before ordering and we'll try our best to accommodate you.  We know it's exciting to give gifts and we want to do what we can to make your special occasions memorable =)