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Shiny Upgrades

Dice Forge Custom Meeples

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Dice Forge is such a great looking game.  The little player mats have art with each individual hero.  The board itself immerses you into the world, the dice and die faces have whimsical designs, and the cards have artwork that stands out.

Everything looks great...except for those generic player pawns, which while perfectly serviceable, are ripe for upgrading.

Introducing these Dice Forge replacement meeples.  

When we set out to upgrade these, we had a few things we thought about:

  • The size of the tokens. We wanted them to fit just right on the board, so they didn't detract from the game - they should look like they were always meant to be there
  • The design and theme of the tokens.
  • The insert. Related to the size of the tokens, we also wanted to make sure these fit in the insert, so again, it feels like they were always meant to be there.

And this is what we came up with: a design that brings together the theme of the game, and functionally just works.  Designed with a dice on the bottom, and with art in the style of the the first player forge token.

Notice how the tokens fit perfectly in the meeple slots for the existing insert.


Please contact us if you would like to have them created in a custom size, or with custom colors and we will do our best to accommodate you.  While we have worked hard to get these sized the way we like it, we can also size them up for you in a custom order.  Note that if we do that, I'm sure it won't fit in the insert player slots, but we can try to size it for you so that it fits in extra space under the insert, or perhaps in the extra space by the deck of cards

Made To Order

Please note: All our Shiny Upgrades (see what we did there?) are manufactured (3D printed) for you when you order. That means that we don't have anything "in stock" and we work on orders in the order they are received. If you have a very time sensitive order, please email us before ordering and we'll try our best to accommodate you.  We know it's exciting to give gifts and we want to do what we can to make your special occasions memorable =)