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Shiny Upgrades

Viticulture Wine Scoring Markers

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Stonemaier games puts out such great looking games - and Viticulture is no exception. The player boards, the visitor cards, the little meeples and building tokens all work  And I love the little glass beads for the grape and wine tokens.

One area ripe (haha!) for an upgrade was the scoring markers. The squatty little cylinders were perfectly functional but needed a little something.

Designing scoring markers for this game was a bit of a challenge, because the scoreboard itself is so narrow. are wine bottles.  We started out with plain flat ones, and thought about putting stickers or something on them

However after going through a few designs, we were able to imprint designs directly on the wine bottle tokens: allowing them all to remain a solid color. This let us upgrade the tokens, while still not making them look out of place.  Above all, we didn't want to detract from the look of the game: only enhance it.

Featuring a 3D grape design on one side, and wine crest on the other these bottles perfectly replace the scoring markers.

Printed to be in the same color as your existing tokens, they are a 1:1 replacement. They are scaled to be taller and easier to pick up than the existing tokens, but still slim enough to fit comfortably on the scoring track.

Each set comes with a full set of 6 wine tokens. 


If you would like custom colors, or larger scoring tokens please contact us and we will see what we can do.  We would be happy to create a bespoke set just for you.

Made To Order

Please note: All our Shiny Upgrades (see what we did there?) are manufactured (3D printed) for you when you order. That means that we don't have anything "in stock" and we work on orders in the order they are received. If you have a very time sensitive order, please email us before ordering and we'll try our best to accommodate you.  We know it's exciting to give gifts and we want to do what we can to make your special occasions memorable =)