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Shiny Upgrades

Wingspan Mini Chunky Style Upgraded Food Tokens

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Wingspan is already a beautiful game, with great table presence. 

The food tokens the game comes with are perfectly usable - but why not replace them with something a little more fun and colorful?

These upgraded food tokens are mini sized, but chunky - they are easier to pick up than the little round disks, as well as easier to pick up than most of the upgrades

You get a full set, 1:1 replacement of all the tokens - worms, wheat, fish, cherries and rats.  We also can create larger collections for the European expansion, and nectar tokens for the Oceania Expansion.

Notice the thickness of these chunky tokens, and how they sit on the player board.  They are sized to be easy to pick up, and small enough that a large number of them will not crowd your player board or bird cards.  The colors are vibrant and enhance the game without drawing undue attention away from it.

Once you play with them - you'll think they were part of the game, and always there. That's one of our driving principles - we don't want to upgrade your game and detract from it. Rather, naturally improve your gaming experience in a way that ties in like it always belonged.


While we have gone through extensive work to design these chunky style tokens to be small (about the size of the cubes of the original game), if you would like a bespoke larger set, please contact us and we can print one just for you.

Made To Order

Please note: All our Shiny Upgrades (see what we did there?) are manufactured (3D printed) for you when you order. That means that we don't have anything "in stock" and we work on orders in the order they are received. If you have a very time sensitive order, please email us before ordering and we'll try our best to accommodate you.  We know it's exciting to give gifts and we want to do what we can to make your special occasions memorable =)