Air Quality / 3D Printer Impact on Health

There is the question of generally are there fumes/particles to be worried about in 3D printing, and does it matter depending on the type of filament you use. 

This is not medical advice. This is from one hobbyist to another

Consumer 3D printing has been around for a relatively short time. In that time, there has been nothing I've seen showing it's definitely not safe with PLA.

It seems like it is definitely not safe without ventilation for other types of printers and some other types of filament

A couple accessories that may help here

  1. Getting an enclosure and venting it to the outside
  2. Potentially using an air filter with a HEPA or Charcoal filter.  

You can search online and educate yourself as well.

From my research, I have not found anything definitive. What I've seen as common solutions are all of these, as well as printing in a separate space from where you are (e.g., don't keep it in your bedroom, keep it in the garage or elsewhere).

I've also seen some people say they DO keep it in their bedroom and sleep with it in there.  I have not found definitive scientific information one way or the other.  In abundance of caution, I would recommend not leaving it out in the open and printing while you are next to it without some kind of solution for filtration

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