Ender 3 Pro Electrical and Safety Considerations

There are a few known areas you can address.  I recommend you make sure all these areas are mitigated the best you can.

In Short -

  1. Buy a ferrule crimping kit (you need a tool and connectors) and use it to crimp your tinned ends. (Video on the page below)
  2. Consider purchasing an enclosure, and never put your printer on/near flammable things 
  3. Check your power supply connector and if it's warm at all - immediately address it.
  4. Use a modern firmware with Thermal Runaway protection.  Your new printer should already have this. The firmware I recommend all have this.   

Electrical Connections to Motherboard

There is a known issue with tinned wires that can lead to a fire hazard.  

To mitigate, you can purchase a crimping tool kit and crimp the wires.

A ferrule crimping kit - with the crimping tool *and* the wire connectors - contains all you need. Purchase the kit, then watch the video on how to do it.  It is unlikely to be an issue immediately but over time it is a known issue. 

I would suggest go ahead and do this now before you install everything - I did it *after* I had assembled the printer and it was a bit of a pain to do that way, because I had to turn the printer over to get access to the motherboard - with the extruder and everything assembled on top.

Learn more about installing ferrules on Ender 3 Pro

Possible Risk: Electric Coupler to Power Supply

In the past, there were reports of cheap or knock off power supply couplers overheating and resulting in a fire hazard.  In all the discussions I've seen recently, folks have noted the new printers do not have this issue and that the issue was resolved starting in about 2019. 

Read more about XT60 Connector Issue

 Enclosure and Avoiding Flammable Materials Nearby

If your printer does have some kind of issue that results in some kind of electrical issue starting a fire, the printer itself is mostly metal. However anything around the printer can spread the fire.

There are fire retardant enclosures you can purchase, which also have the benefit that you could vent fumes out the window.  Also, in areas where the temperature fluctuates, the enclosure can help regulate the temperature around the printer. Regulating the temperature while printing can improve the quality of your prints.

As a sidebar, if the area you are printing in is especially warm, then the enclosure can get too warm and this can cause issues with your prints as well.  

Air Quality / 3D Printer Impact on Health

For air quality, there is a lot of information, but little in the way of final conclusions and long term effect.  I discuss some broad points about it here 

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