Ender 3 XT60 Connector Risk of Overheat and Fire

For newer printers, from what I've read online, this should not be a risk and this flaw was fixed. However you should still keep an eye out for it, and know what the risk is.

What it comes down to is if you have a faulty connector (whether due to knock-off or otherwise) - either replace it, or if you are especially handy, fix it. When you print for the first time, check the yellow connectors and the wires and see how they feel while you are heating the bed and nozzle.  They should remain at ambient/room temperature. If you do feel them getting warm, over time the risk is it will get worse and eventually overheat.

You can read about it on Maker Steve

 You can watch this video to learn more about it and IF you see yours looks like it may be one of the bad versions 


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